Prize Giving Photos

Guesstimation Winners!

Some boats sailed fast, some boats sailed not so fast, but that didn't matter when it came time to submitting official ANZ Sail Fiji guesstimations! After many days at sea, we are pleased to announce that the old salts on Cotton Blossom 2 were just 1 hour and 13 seconds off their guesstimated finish time! [...]

Cotton Blossom 2 is done!

Cotton Blossom 2 cheered as they finally arrived into Port Denarau Marina! Their brightly coloured crew shirts very quickly set the scene for the huge party they intend to have tonight. Cotton Blossom 2 finished at 14:17:19, 6d 3h 17m and 19s after the start.

Ahoy Anarchy!

AJ Reid and his amazing Anarchy crew made their way across the finish line this morning at 04:39:59 which was 5d 17h 39m 59s after the 4th June start. The crew received a welcome from their piece competitors Crusader, who were "waiting on the boat" all night to welcome them in. Reid said that it [...]

Crusader35 was wet wet wet

All they craved when they got to Port Denarau Marina was hot chips and pizza, so when the crew from Crusader35 heard that their meal request was waiting at the Denarau Yacht Club, they were quick to jump off the 35 footer and start a new race to the bar. Crusader35 finished the [...]

Evolution Sails Hupane arrives

They finished the race in 5d 0h 49m 28s and are currently sitting second on PHRF Passage which is making this lot of raw yachties rather happy. So happy in fact that it was hard to get a word in and actually have a chat! But they definitely made an entrance. Look out Denarau!

Ave Gitana makes an entrance

The awesome foursome from Ave Gitana made an entrance when they arrived into Port Denarau Marina today. The crew looked a little worse for wear, but were clearly loving every minute of their adventure to Fiji! Ave Gitana finished the race in 4d 21h 59m 45s. A great effort by them, and their unicorn [...]