Just in from Squealer!

I guess it had to happen this way.

It has been almost 9 months since I sent Andrew (Reid, skipper Django) a picture of Squealer’s bow and suggested that he have a good look at it as it would be that last time he would see it in the upcoming Fiji Race. The good natured banter between crews has been flowing ever since.

Fast forward and we are now side by side, about 200 meters apart, with 200 miles to go to the Navula Passage and the finish. We have been back and forth the whole race with each other and now it comes down to this. The Django’s sang happy birthday on the VHF this morning to Squealer skipper Bruce Goodchap. I am sure they can only imagine what he would like for a birthday present!

There is a hefty bet in place between Squealer and Django, but more importantly is the bragging rights depending on the result. The gloves are off! Watch this space!

The other pressing matter on board Squealer is our hunt for what we are now sure is a stowaway latching on to a free ride to Fiji. We tried setting traps overnight by squishing our last morsels of beef jerky into blue tack and placing them around the boat. The intruder took most of the bait, but gave no chance to for us to apprehend. A major concern is that our supply of toilet paper appears to have been nibbled away by the rodent. Either way, time to get to Fiji!

Interesting times!

Squealer OUT