ANZ Sail Fiji 2016 officially started this morning when the cruising race commenced on time at 1130 hours.

Clair Milne, wife of cruising sailor Hamish who is the owner/skipper of Moody Blue, who is also a race sponsor with his business Burnard International providing the container shipping and logistics, sounded the horn to start the race and to farewell the two boat fleet.

© Suellen Hurling | 2016 ANZ Sail Fiji

© Suellen Hurling | 2016 ANZ Sail Fiji

Moody Blue, along with Sharpe Focus, are the two cruising boats taking part in this years rally. The boats are complete with fishing rods and a few of life luxuries, but it was all hands on deck at the start when their competitive natures kicked in.

With just seconds to go before the start horn was sounded, the headsails were unfurled and the action began. Heading off in about 10 knots of easterly breeze, Moody Blue won the start opting for a wharf end bear away while Sharpe Focus hit the centre of the line.

© Suellen Hurling | 2016 ANZ Sail Fiji

© Suellen Hurling | 2016 ANZ Sail Fiji

Milne and Sharpe Focus skipper John Sharpe believe it should take them both approximately five days to sail to Denarau in Fiji. Their ETA would then place them finishing on Monday 6th of June, however a Tuesday finish is more likely.

Each boat is now being tracked and is showing an average of of 7.5 knots of boat speed.

The racing fleet starts on Saturday 4th June at 1100 hours.

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