After much discussion the Royal Akarana Yacht Club Offshore Committee has made the decision to cancel the Auckland Fiji Yacht Race which was scheduled to commence on the 30th May 2020.

The decision was not made lightly, and to date, this is the first time a race of this scale has been cancelled by the club, which prides itself on being the home of blue water sailing in New Zealand.

Many factors came into play with the decision to cancel, including a tight turnaround for those who have recently competed in the successful Round North Island Race and the recent coronavirus pandemic being announced.

“RAYC does not cancel races unless there are genuine specific reasons,” said Commodore Matt Woodley. “The decision to cancel the Auckland Fiji Yacht Race had a lot of deciding factors, but most recently, we do not know what the next 12 weeks will hold with the coronavirus, and racing to a Pacific Island at this time didn’t seem like a wise decision.”

Planning is underway for the next offshore race in 2022, with the option to go to either Fiji, New Caledonia or a new location.

“We will ask the sailors where they want to race. After all, we host these races for the sailors, so it seems fitting to ask where they want to race to,” continued Woodley.

Skippers who paid the online entry fee will receive a full refund.