Over the last 12 hours the remaining boats at sea have gone through the front that Itchy Feet passed through yesterday.

Cotton Blossom II and Allegro are now in same area of low wind that Itchy Feet experienced yesterday afternoon.

While Itchy Feet remains in light southerlies and has another 5 days at sea to get to Fiji.

Allegro and Cotton Blossom II have a less clear future.

To the south of them, there is light southerly winds, to the north and towards the finish are northerly winds that Anarchy and Evolution Sails Hupane are currently sailing in.

The GFS and GEM models are showing different outcomes, GEM is showing that the southerly will push north and once the boats get some wind they will point at the finish and be there fairly quickly.

On the other hand, GFS shows a convergence zone with the southerly and the northerly and a long period of time with wind swapping between the two regimes.

If this is what eventuates then it will certainly be tough stuff for the remaining competitors – who have already been at sea for 6 days! In fact by now some of the boats will no doubt be considering (or have started) rationing food.