As the fleet settles into yet another night at sea, there is an average of about 200 people looking at the online tacker every 30 minutes. ANZ Sail Fiji definitely generates a lot of interest to not only family and friends, but to sailors around the world.

Tom Addis, navigator on Giacomo, sent another update through this afternoon.

I’ve got a lot more time than normal to write this stuff since its such a straight-line race for us. Not many stories from the boat though since its pretty full-on sailing with very little conversation on deck. Everyone fully shut up in wet weather gear with goggles on so jokes and stories tend to get put away for the finish!


Everyone in good shape though. James (Delegat) has had his camera out so hopefully his pics can do some talking! Downstairs, its eating, sleeping and bailing.


ETA looking like early Tuesday morning, probably before sunrise. Will keep you posted on this.

Giacomo is currently steaming towards Denarau at 17 knots 352 degrees. They have 633 nautical miles until they reach the finishing line. As at 2154 hours on Sunday 5th June, Giacomo was placed 1st on PHRF and second on IRC behind Miss Scarlett. Cotton Blossom 2 is currently 3rd on IRC.

Auckland based Race Director Sally Garrett is sending most of her waking hours monitoring the fleet.

For those of you who have been watching you will see that Blink has out their foot down, and has averaged 12.3 knots over the last hour – only Ran Tan 2 and Giacomo are going faster in the monohulls.


Blink is currently seven nautical miles behind Evolution Sails Hupane, but who will get to the finish first? All bets are on.


Optimal routing suggests that Blink should make it in first, with the biggest gains been made in the next 24 hours, with them estimated to gain 30nm on the Class 40 before noon tomorrow night. An exciting time for screen watches!

Notorious is the first casualty of the 1,110 nautical mile race after making the difficult decision to withdraw after having major engine issues. Skipper Christiaan Arns has been credited for his decision, putting the safety of his crew first before anything.

The Royal Akarana Yacht Club race management team arrived in Denarau this evening and will spend the next day preparing for the fleet to arrive.

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