The two cruising boats competing in the rally set off from Opua on Monday 2nd June at 1100 hours.

After an interesting first night, race management received this correspondence from Mintaka.

“We cleared customs and set off in company with C-4. Beautiful sailing across the Bay of Islands. But as we got away from the coast the winds increased to 30-35 knots, and we fairly quickly we had three reefs in the main. Our autopilot is doing a great job. We had one minor broach with a bit of water in the cockpit, but none below. C-4 had more drama, broaching and losing their life raft which was washed off the cabin roof. Fortunately winds down to just below 30, and motion somewhat easier. But the good news is that each hour we’re 7 miles closer to Fiji! All crew well and in good spirits.” Ed Mitchell, skipper Mintaka.

C-4 was carrying two life rafts each capable for taking all crew on board. They are continuing their way to Fiji with all crew on board ok.


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