Race “Big Red” in the ANZ Sail Fiji Race thanks to!

Armchair navigators around the world can “sail” in the ANZ Sail Fiji 2014 Race from Auckland to Fiji.

Online sail-racing navigation simulation is happy to be partnering with Royal Akarana Yacht Club, to bring a virtual version of the ANZ Sail Fiji Race to armchair navigators around the world. Race start is on Saturday, 7th June 2014 at 13:00 local time (01:00 UTC).

Steinlager 2 POLAR

Steinlager 2 POLAR

Sailonline is a non-profit, non-commercial sail-racing navigation simulation run entirely by volunteers. All races are free and each “Soler” (one who sails on Sailonline) gets exactly the same boat. The challenge is navigating through the weather. Sailonline uses almost realtime weather downloaded from NOAA and the boat physics are considered to be the most life-like of any online simulation.

Steinlager 2 owned by the New Zealand Sailing Trust has entered into the ANZ Sail Fiji Race and Sailonline is excited to be using the polar of the yacht to race against the famous “Big Red” in the virtual race.

To add to the realism, overlays the Yellowbrick tracker of the real fleet onto the virtual screen so armchair navigators can see how they are faring against the fleet.

Whether you are a seasoned old salt or a newbie, all are welcome and there is always someone willing to help with questions in the online race chat.

Registration for the virtual ANZ Sail Fiji Race will open on Friday 30th May 2014 at 23:00UTC (Saturday 31st May at 11:00 local time) giving plenty of time to learn the ropes of armchair navigation.

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