Each time you look at the countdown clock, another day has passed and we are creeping closer towards the start of ANZ Sail Fiji 2016.

With just over 60 days to go, crews are beginning the tasks of boat preparation, paper work and general logistics. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare a boat for Category 1 offshore racing, and attention to detail must be precise.

Boats like Giacomo and Team Vodafone Sailing are extremely fortunate to have a professionally run program, whilst others like Notorious rely on their crew and family to get the boat ready.

Christiaan Arns, owner and skipper of Notorious, is lucky to have a dedicated team around him.

“Different crew have different qualities. Everyone is happy to put their bit in. It ranges from engine service to creating a gourmet food menu, watch rosters and the list goes on!”, said Arns.

“The worst bit of getting the boat race-ready are the continuous interruptions of having to go to work!” he continued.

The start of the race is scheduled for 1100 hours on the 4th June while the cruising fleet have a starting window anywhere between the 1st and 3rd of June.

HMNZS MANAWANUI is the official start boat for the race and will be anchored in the Orakei area providing a spectacular scene for the kick off.

HMNZS MANAWANUI acted as the start boat for the ANZ Sail Fiji Race. 7/5/2014

HMNZS MANAWANUI acted as the start boat for the ANZ Sail Fiji Race. 7/5/2014

To date 11 boats are entered, but rumour has it more are sitting in the wings.

“If you’re planning on racing we would love to see your entry come in!” said Race Director and RAYC Vice Commodore Sally Garrett.

Finishing in the Navula Passage, the ANZ Sail Fiji Race is a big event on the calendar for Port Denarau Marina and the locals are excited about the fleet arriving. Most of the staff of Port Denarau Marina lost their homes in the recent cyclone, and having races like this helps rebuild the community through the tourism dollar.

For more on the race visit www.aucklandfiji.co.nz and like the race on Facebook, www.facebook.com/sailfiji

Entry List


# Nat Sail Boat Name Design Skipper Club
1. NZL K37001 Anarchy YD37 AJ Reid RNZYS
2. NZL NZL35551 Crusader35 Elliott35ss Anthony Leighs RNZYS
3. TBC 65501 Meari Oyster 655 Lisa Robinson RNZYS
4. NZL 9447 Notorious First 44.7 Christiaan Arns RAYC / RNZYS
5. NZL 8145 Itchy Feet Paul Stock Jody Casey RNZYS
6. NZL NZL8977 Ran Tan II Elliott 50 Brian Petersen RNZYS
7. NZL 9497 Shaman Bill Tripp Gary Lewis RAYC
8. NZL 70000 Giacomo Juan K -V70 Jim Delegat RAYC
9. NZL 110011 Blink Shaw 12 Tony Wells RPNYC
10. AUS 6723 Allegro Warwick 67 Adrian Lewis CYCA
# Nat Sail Boat Name Design Skipper Club
1. NZL 021 Team Vodafone Sailing ORMA 60 Simon Hull MHYNZ / RAYC