The fleet racing in ANZ Sail Fiji which starts at 1100 hours on Saturday 4th June are currently undergoing customs clearance so they are ready to leave New Zealand waters tomorrow.

Customs has been very accomodating of the fleet, with Team Vodafone Sailing kicking off the clearance run at 0700 hours this morning.

The clearances are taking place at Royal Akarana Yacht Club, with the boats using the opportunity to have their final crew discussions before they spend their last night in their own bed.

Notorious has her pre-race wash down.

Notorious has her pre-race wash down.

Crusader35 had a locked door meeting with media unable to sneak a whisper about the discussions. Rumour has it they are planning a tactical attack on Anarchy, Blink and Hupane.

In the 2014 Crusader35 was just 200 nautical miles into ANZ Sail Fiji when they were forced to make an emergency u-turn and head to Opua. Crusader35 sustained damage to the keel hydraulics and were not able to continue the race.

Notorious, the Beneteau First 44.7 will be fighting hard to finish the race before prize giving.

Skipper Christiaan Arns, who is also part of the RAYC ANZ Sail Fiji Organising Committee, just wants to get going.

“It’s been a long lead up to the start and I just can’t wait to get out there now,” said Arns just prior to clearing customs.

“At this stage I think we should arrive in Fiji on Friday, a whole night before the prize giving party!” he continued.

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