Quick Reference Guide on exit and re-entry criteria for ANZ Sail Fiji

Documentation packs will be given out at the seminar on 26 May

Before leaving New Zealand

  1. Cat1 certificate (valid for 1 month from date of issue).
  2. NZ Ship registration (Part A or B). Overseas-registered vessels have additional requirements; see Customs Fact Sheet 33.
  3. Departure of yachts and pleasure craft – Advanced information sheet (NZCS 345).
  4. Completed Outward Report (C2B form) – including full crew list.
  5. Recent photograph of the yacht, suitable for visual identification/search and rescue.
  6. Certificate of clearance (Customs will issue if all requirements are met).
  7. Fiji Advance Notice of Arrival/Inward Report (blue form C2-C) – complete as far as possible; requires photo of yacht and photo of skipper’s bio page from passport.
    Scan form, attach photos and send to Nigel Skeggs (nigel@denaraumarina.com) and
    Eli Langivala (eli@yachthelp.com). Take the originals with you.
  8. Passport for each person, valid for 6 months after intended departure from Fiji.
  9. Departure card for each person.
  10. If sailing to Fiji and flying back: valid airline ticket to NZ or other destination.
    If flying to Fiji to return the yacht after the race: a letter from the skipper confirming this arrangement (a template will be available at the briefing).

Note that if any of your crew are not NZ citizens or residents, be sure to check Immigration NZ re-entry conditions. They may also need a visa to enter Fiji.

On arrival in Fiji

  1. Display ‘Q’ flag until cleared.
  2. Finish completing Fiji Advance Notice of Arrival/Inward Report (blue form C2-C).
  3. Last port clearance (from NZ).
  4. Passenger arrival card for each passenger.
  5. Master to complete and sign a ‘Notice to Owner of Yachts Declaration’ to complete inward clearance.
  6. Border Currency Report if vessel carrying more than FJD$10,000 in currency.

David and Eli from Yacht Help will be there to assist you with Customs clearance and can apply for island cruising permits for you ahead of time. Contact Eli (eli@yachthelp.com).

Fiji Duty Free Allowances

Allowances for each person over the age of 17 years:

  • 2.25 litres of spirit OR
  • 5 litres of wine OR
  • 5 litres of beer


  • 250 sticks of cigarettes OR
  • 250g of cigars OR
  • 250g of tobacco
  • Personal belongings up to a value of $FJD$1000.

You may combine types of drink or tobacco provided that this does not exceed the equivalent quantity of liquor, wine and beer, or cigarettes, cigars and tobacco.

Before leaving Fiji

  1. Notify Fiji Customs at least 24 hours before intended departure.
  2. NZ Advance Notice of Arrival (NZCS 340) – fax or email from Fiji just before departure.
  3. Outward Report for Yachts/Small Craft, including full crew list.
  4. Valid passports for all returning to NZ and all other immigration documents.
  5. Certificate of Clearance (issued by Customs if requirements are met).

Yacht Help will also be available to assist with outward clearance.

On arrival in New Zealand

  1. Fly ‘Q’ flag until cleared.
  2. Inward Report (Form C1B), including full crew lists.
  3. Masters Declaration for Full Biosecurity Clearance (MPI).
  4. Clearance from last port (Fiji).
  5. Border Cash Report if carrying more than NZ$10,000.
  6. Temporary Import Entry if yacht is visiting (i.e. not registered in NZ).
  7. Passenger Arrival Card for each person on board.
  8. Valid passport for each person on board and visas as necessary.

NZ Duty Free Allowances

Allowances apply to those aged over 17 years:

  • 5 litres of wine or beer
  • 3 bottles, each not more than 1125ml, of spirits, liqueurs or other spirituous beverages
  • 50 cigarettes OR
  • 50g of cigars or tobacco OR
  • a mixture of cigarettes, cigars and tobacco weighing not more than 50g
  • personal goods (excepting wearing apparel and personal effects) up to a total combined value of NZ$700

Note that the cigarette/cigars/tobacco allowance was reduced in 2014 to the current level.

There are export restrictions on certain Fijian items: see www.frca.org.fj/departing-fiji.

NZ also has import restrictions on goods made from natural products, such as wood or straw (see www.customs.govt.nz/features/prohibited/imports/Pages/default.aspx).

Typical fees (local currency; fees may vary)

New Zealand     Departure $3.37 per person sailing

Arrival $18.21 per person sailing

Fiji                     See Inward Report form; note that additional fees apply for clearance outside normal working hours. Contact Eli (eli@yachthelp.com) re outward fees.

Further information

NZ Customs office info for small craft and yachts can be found at this link.

Fiji Immigration and Customs: the forms for inward clearance have recently changed to the combined Advance Notice of Arrival and Inward Report, described overleaf. If you require assistance with completing the documentation, please contact Yacht Help (eli@yachthelp.com; Ph +679 675 0911-2; Fax +679 675 0905).
An info sheet on the arrivals procedure at Denerau will be issued at the Customs briefing.


This information has been compiled with the intention to assist skippers with compliance. It should not be used as the only point of reference as it does not claim to be comprehensive. Please assure that you meet all requirements with Customs, Immigration, MPI and all other regulatory bodies.