Understanding the First Aid requirements

First Aid supplies 

Yachting New Zealand Safety and Technical Officer Angus Willison announced in January 2016 that the requirements for first aid supplies require will be changing in the new safety regulations. Yachts racing in Sail Fiji can have first aid kits with the contents as detailed in Yachting New Zealand Safety Regulations Appendix 1 Medical Stores, or that specified in the article below.


First Aid training 

The ANZ Sail Fiji NOR clause 3.9 requires each boat to have two (2) advanced first aiders (see below).  This update provides additional information from the relevant safety regulations on the courses that qualify for this status.

ANZ Sail Fiji NOR 3.9

 At least two (2) crew members on a boat shall hold a current NZ Coastguard Offshore Medic or

Australian Senior First Aid Certificate or equivalent qualification, or be a practicing medical practitioner (with current evidence).

New Zealand Accepted Qualifications
All  competing yachts who gain YNZ Cat 1 are required to have at least one person on board with ability to use the equipment in the Cat 1 first aid kit. These advanced  first aiders commonly are medical practitioners OR have the NZ Coastguard Offshore Medic qualification or have equivalent training.

Below is an exert of the Yachting New Zealand Safety Regulations Appendix 1 Medical Stores.

“For CATEGORY 1, an extensive medical kit is needed. Depending on length of time away, destination and size of the crew, there may be a need for quantities to be increased. Any crew member’s special medical needs should be addressed to by their own doctor well before the trip.

All crew should have a medical and dental check before they leave.

Two crew members should have a current first aid certificate and a minimum of one crew member (suggested 2 crew members) should have an advanced first aid certificate or special training, covering the safe use of medications and treatments required for offshore sailing e.g. The Coastguard Offshore Medic Course.”

So for Cat 1 there should be one (1) offshore medic or medical practitioner. In the NOR we has asked that there be two (2).

Australian Accepted Qualifications

The Australian qualification nominated by Yachting Australia for vessels with Cat 1 is the Senior First Aid (Apply First Aid) certificate, with additional training injectables as stated in the exert from the Yachting Australia Special Regulations section 4.07.6 – below.

YA Special Regulations 4.07.6

Shall hold a current Senior First Aid (Apply First Aid) Certificate or equivalent, or be a practising medical
practitioner. Each of these crew members shall also have undertaken the training required by SR 6.01. It is strongly recommended that if injectable items are to be carried, that the members of the crew trained in first aid have additional training in the use of injectables.

The current course number for the Senior First Aid course is HLTAID003 Provide First Aid.

A yacht may have a combination of NZ and Australian qualifications.

Training available

Coastal Medic
April 2 – 3
May 7 – 8
see http://www.boatingeducation.org.nz/courses/53/coastal-medic/

Offshore Medic
April 16-17
May 14-15
see http://www.boatingeducation.org.nz/courses/54/offshore-medic/

Equivalent training

Dr Dave Austin will be leading a course at RAYC on May 28 that will cover the use of the new YNZ first aid kit. Completion of this course will be accepted by RAYC for the Sail Fiji race, YNZ inspectors and by Kerikeri Yacht Club for the 2017 race to Tonga. However, at present this course will not be recognized for other events overseas. The course is limited to 25 students.

The course will cover:

  • Sea Sickness
  • Minor wounds
  • Major Trauma
  • Major wounds and closure techniques
  • Fractures and dislocations
  • Burns
  • Infection – skin, systemic
  • Antibiotics
  • Intramuscular injections