Anything can happen during an offshore race, so when Royal Akarana Yacht Club race management team member Suellen Hurling received a call from AJ Reid, owner and skipper of Anarchy, she prepared for whatever update was thrown her way.

“Suellen it’s AJ. Wow it’s crazy out here! We all have goggles on whenever we are on deck. A simple task of putting sea boots on is a struggle. Big seas, big breeze,” said Reid.

“The ocean is grey and angry, it’s actually quite hostile. We are tired from working overtime.

“I need to report that I did get smashed around, and have been injured.

“I fell over and have. I have…

At this time communication was lost as the Satellite phone that Reid was calling from was disconnected.

“I was a little concerned, but just sat in the same position with my phone in my hand. If AJ didn’t call back within 3 minutes, I was going to attempt to contact him,” said Hurling.

“Any injury on board needs to be considered serious. However with AJ calling himself, I knew that it it wasn’t critical,” continued Hurling.

Two minutes later, Reid made contact again.

“So yes, I have been injured. I fell over and cut my scrotum. I’ve cut my nuts!” laughed Reid.

The injury required some medical attention from a fellow crew member, however Reid did not disclose which of the lucky lads handled his package.

“I’m all good now and we are back in the groove of the race,” continued Reid.

“Tell Atka that I’ll be ready to go when I get to Fiji!” laughed Reid.

Anarchy is currently placed 5th on IRC and 7th on PHRF. As at 1445 hours they had 683 nautical miles to go and were travelling at 11.6 knots. Anarchy should be finished in just over two days.

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