ANZ Sail Fiji is set to receive the first finisher tonight, but one boat has the attention of the Race Committee more than others at the moment.

Itchy Feet have made a radical move heading west through throughout day two of the race. While it may seem a little different to the rest of the boats, they are setting themselves for the second half of the race.

Itchy Feet © Lissa Reyden

Itchy Feet © Lissa Reyden

While most boats will be finishing in the next 72 hours, Itchy Feet who has a slower boat speed, will be pressed to get in by Saturday morning. This means that the main fleet will be finishing while the weather is still under the influence of the high pressure they have been in since the start.

For Itchy feet, they will have to cross the weak trough that is supposed to be over the area on Wednesday. After the trough there will be a westerly going south westerly, making their position the place to be from Wednesday night onwards.

It is a brave call to sail away from the fleet, but when we drill down into this, it is a very sound move.

By Sally Garrett & Suellen Hurling