Roses are red, AJ’s balls are blue. The distance is slowly growing between us… Because you are very slowly sailing upwind.

At night I lay in my warm snuggly bed wishing I was there… And then I realise that it would have been me stapling AJ’s balls back together and I vomit just a little.

I hear that the bunks are broken, please don’t worry about lack of comfortable sleep… You will get plenty when you are dead 🙂

Salty how many sail changes have you done?
AP how many halyards have you pulled?
Stu how many sail repairs so far?
Clarkie how many times have you fixed the computer?
Lefty how many milo bars have you eaten… How many have you hidden from the other guys?
AJ how many staples did you get and how did you really break your balls?

I know a bit of AJ’s mojo leaked out of the cut on his nuts but it’s your time to shine team.

Crank the music mix the last brew of freeze-dri and tell the VMG who’s really the boss.

It’s less than an upwind coastal to go!

I miss you all and really wish I was there… Ok honestly 75% of me wishes I was there, the other 25% of me is warm and well fed 🙂

Big loves to Capt Buck and the rest of you fine crew

Xoxox <3