From Bex (from Django) to Ben (Vamos).  Great to see that romance still lives in the form of electronic love letters!  This message is coming from Bex, to ANZ Sail Fiji, and hopefully will end up with Ben on Vamos!

So sweet… Hahah 🙂


Hi Honey

Well the days are long and the nights are lonely without you.

Hope all is well  on the great ship Vamos.

I keep getting messages from shore to tell me not to worry that your epirb keeps going off, surely it cant be that bad at the front of the fleet!

This race seems to be character building for us with a massive pounding up wind then no breeze at all.

Finally the sea gods are being nice to us this afternoon as last night we did plenty of sail changes between the hours of darkness last night A1, A2, zero, A1, zero, number 1 nearly then A1 this morning.

AP & Lefty let us all have a massive sleep in this morning I got 4 hours sleep in a row woohoo!! Had a coffee and and up & go this morning and am on fire once again!

We are currently boosting with big blue A2 VMG of 10+ kts to fiji, my top speed so far of 12.45kts only to be beaten by Seamus 5 mins later, awesome sailing!

On the menu today we have cottage pie with parmesan cheese and tobasco sauce with side of mini carrots for lunch.

Dinner is a leg of roast lamb and a side of mini carrots with parmesan and tobasco. Eating like kings!

We are having an awesome match race with Squealer and are planning a roast pork dinner on the finish line!

Get back in front of big brother on V5 and nail Wired will ya!

Brownie & Scotty hope you guys are breaking down Benos for me.

I hope you all are enjoying the gentle tones of Potters snoring, AP started snoring last night and I felt right at home.

Lots of love to you all big kisses and kick ass….. see you mid day ish on sat.

Bex xoxox

Bex Hielkema
Team Django Yachting
Nurse, Bowman & freeze dried master chef