A day in paradise. This is what it is all about. Winds down to 20-25. Tight reaching. The rain  has gone, the sun is shining, shorts have appeared. Sailing fast mostly over 7 kts. Full main –  the first time since Opua. Full #1, furled when the gust some through.

Improvement in the weather brought out the fishing line. We have never been so successful. Thanks to Grant and Julie and Bruce and Dinah for the equipment. Good size tuna within 30 minutes. If you don’t believe us we’ll show you the photos! Then we decided a  bit later fishing was so much fun we’d put the magic line out again and before I even had it out we had another strike. WE think its a dorado – beautiful yellow and blue fish.  What’s the protocol for giving it to customs? Not a bribe of course.

So at noon we were 69 M from the passage. So we are estimating arrival at 10-11pm. There is a moon, currently no clouds, so hopefully there wont be any dramas through the passage. Everyone tells us not to rely on GPS, but ships go through this particular passage so unlikely to be too far out. But we will be keeping a good eye out (Chris seems very good at spotting things.)

I forgot to mention being hit by  a flying fish last night; on my shoulder – it must have disinjtigrated on impact as it smelt disgusting.

So assuming ETA is accurate the trip will have taken 6.5 days which we are very pleased with. The race fleet must be taking a hammering. There were 20 confirmed starters, but I think 7 didn’t start the race, and listening to the sked  this m morning suggests a further 7 have retired as they didn’t report in.

I’ll email in the morning from the marina. Its a 10-15 mile trip from the passage to the marina which we’ll motor.