Friday 13th is Black Friday. It’s also the final day that entries will be accepted for the 2016 edition of ANZ Sail Fiji!

The 1,100 nautical mile race is a signature offshore race hosted by the Royal Akarana Yacht Club and on Saturday 4th June at 1100 hours, 14 boats will depart the Auckland winter chill and set sail for the warmth of Fiji. A few days before the racing fleet heads off, two cruising boats will gather their fishing rods and also start the journey north.

RAYC Vice Commodore and ANZ Sail Fiji Race Director Sally Garrett said that boats and crews were eagerly getting everything aligned in time for the start.

“I’m not sure if we will see any more entries come through this late in the game, but anything is possible! We are very happy with the 16 entries that we have received. It’s a great mix of boats and sailors,” said Garrett.

Current Entry List:

Race Fleet – Monohulls
1. Anarchy – YD37 – AJ Reid
2. Crusader35 Elliott35ss – Anthony Leighs
3. Meari – Oyster 655 – Lisa Robinson
4. Notorious – First 44.7 – Christiaan Arns
5. Itchy Feet – Paul Stock – Jody Casey
6. Ran Tan II – Elliott 50 – Brian Petersen
7. Shaman – Bill Tripp – Gary Lewis
8. Giacomo – Juan K -V70 – Jim Delegat
9. Blink – Shaw 12 – Tony Wells
10. Allegro – Warwick 67 – Adrian Lewis
11. Cotton Blossom 2 – Bruce Farr – Doug France
12. Evolution Sails Hupane – Class 40 – Joe Brownlee

Race Fleet – Multihulls
1. Team Vodafone Sailing – ORMA 60 – Simon Hull
2. Ave Gitana – Crowther 40 Anontio Pasquale

Cruising Fleet
1. Platino – Ron Holland – Tory McKeogh
2. Moody Blue – Beale – Hamish Milne

Each boat will be fitted with a Yellowbrick tracker so that family and friends at home can watch the race unfold.

“The trackers are great for keeping up to date with what’s happening in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but they are also a very valuable safety tool as well,” said Garrett.

“Being able to keep a close eye on the fleet and how they are travelling enables us to be on the ball if an incident should happen.┬áThis year we will also be putting a tracker on the finish boat, giving everyone a clear indication of where the fleet is racing too,” continued Garrett.

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