There are several Immigration requirements around crew changes after the yacht has left New Zealand. It is important to have these sorted before you leave New Zealand, to avoid problems at the Fiji end. Also ensure that your crew list for the yacht is updated before departure from Fiji.

Crew flying to Fiji to join yacht

Incoming crew arriving by plane on one-way air tickets will need a facilitation letter from Immigration Fiji prior to travelling. To obtain this:

  1. Skipper to complete the letter of request (template included in pack), including crew details, and send it to Eli Lagivala (; Yacht Help Fiji, Port Denerau Marina, 1st Floor Terminal Building, Nadi, Fiji Islands) along with the following items.
  2. Copy of bio page of crew member’s passport
  3. Copy of crew member’s flight itinerary or ticket
  4. Completed Crew Change Form A (included in pack). Put the date of the crew member’s arrival as the signing-on date.

Please keep emails below 3MB to ensure receipt by Immigration Fiji.

You should allow 2 weeks for a request to be processed and a letter to be forwarded to the skipper, expecially given the current difficulties in Fiji following the cyclones and flooding.

  • Skipper to keep a full copy of each request and bring it to Fiji as a back-up, along with a copy of the facilitation letter.
  • Crew member to carry the original of the facilitation letter. On arrival in Fiji, tick the box marked ‘Holiday’ on the arrival card.

Crew sailing to Fiji and flying home

  • Outgoing crew must have a return or onward air ticket from Fiji before leaving New Zealand.
  • Skipper to keep a copy of the crew member’s flight itinerary or ticket.
  • In Fiji, the skipper should complete Crew Change Form B (included in pack) to sign the crew member off the yacht before the crew member departs.

Crew Change

Form B

Crew Details

Multiple Crew

Skipper Letter

Multiple Crew

Skipper Letter

Single Crew

Crew Change

Form A