ANZ Sail Fiji Race Director Sally Garrett has not moved far from her computer since the start of the race at 1100 hours on Saturday 4th June. Constantly monitoring the fleet, and studying the conditions as they change, Garrett has provided the following update:

“Team Vodafone Sailing could finish as early as 2230 hours tonight. But what are the winds doing out there?”

“Scatterometer measurements taken over the fleet at 1500 hours local time show a band of wind between 20 – 25 knots directly between TVS and the finish. There are lighter winds slightly east. Data is only taken every 24 hours by the ASCAT METOP-A satellite (see so we are lucky that this has all come together.”

“The ASCAT data also is showing the wind to be more easterly than predicted, again leading to faster times. This direction matches well with the weather station at Kandavu Island (100nm to the North of TVS) which at 1500 hours had 14 knots at 127 degrees.”

“The weather is certainly playing it’s part in making a record.”

Garrett is also monitoring Itchy Feet. The tracker shows them sailing off course, however no updates have been received outside the required schedule reports.

More to come.

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