As many will have heard the yacht Platino who was entered in the cruising rally, but did not start, is in trouble 500 km north of North Cape. A sailor has died and a search is underway for another man knocked overboard. See NZL Herald.

From the ANZ Sail Fiji organising committee we send our sincere condolences to the families involved. As Suellen Hurling, our Yachting & Communications Manager, said to me awhile ago, “this is the bad part of our sport, people die”.

For ANZ Sail Fiji the safety of our sailors is our number one priority, and that is why we strive to ensure that all boats meet the best practice standards of training and equipment. Behind the scenes we make sure we have the best processes in place including the Yellow Brick Tracker and 24 hour support to the fleet. It is this very type of scenario that Platino is in that we dread, we fear, and we do our very best to guard against.

The reporters that have called, have all asked who the boat is being monitored by, and sadly, unlike our fleet there is no group watching the tracker 24/7 and answering the phone through the night.

For all of those you who raced this year with us, we all have been very lucky, you have all made it to the finish line safely and I myself am particularly grateful.

Sally Garrett
RAYC Vice Commodore