Position: 21’27.700 – 176’58.00
Weather: 15 gusting 25 knots from 057 deg
Sea state; 1 meters NE sloppy.
Boat speed, 15 – 20 knots at 004 deg true.

All well on board.

A fresher more consistent breeze today which has allowed us to grow some more legs.

We are gaining around one nm per hour on the V70 at this stage and have just 200 nm to that cold beer waiting for us in Fiji.

Today and last night we have all had our turns at been hit by flying fish – and at about 1:30pm today we passed a large whale, plus we have seen sharks and others.

The deck is very much hidden under a cloud of spray and rivers of water as we fly along, with luck this will make for good footage on the GoPros!

The boat is going well with no issues at all on-board.

We have the main with 1 reef in, a storm Gib and the J3 up.

Considering we have been bashing head winds since the start and how near we are to the record for Auckland to Fiji one cannot help been impressed with both this boat and its crew.

To those who have turned around and are heading back to NZ we wish you safe passage and hope all is well on board.

And to those continuing their trip north – we look forward to seeing you at the pub!