Position: 27’15.800 / 176’35.700
Weather: 25 gusting 30 knots from 035 deg –
Sea state: 2 meters NE sloppy.
Boat speed: 13 – 16 knots at 359 deg true.

All well on board.

Well – what an amazing start that was in Auckland, it was so great to see the support from the public, both on the water and up on North Head.

Giacomo and Beau Geste after the start. Photo by Brad Davies

Giacomo and Beau Geste after the start. Photo by Brad Davies

After we cleared the Ragitoto channel we were able to set the boat up as we wished and then line up for the big push – which we are still doing some 48 hours later.

Only one real tack required so far in this trip and that was more a tactical move than anything to do with the weather. A distinct lack of sun has been noted however and currently we are pushing our way through some squalls. It’s getting warmer and warmer as we get North.

No boats – we haven’t seen one single boat. As noted by the cruising fleet, it’s rough and wet but at least the water is warm!

Gicomono (the V70) is at this stage some 25 miles behind us as we continue to pull away from them. No counting baby dragons on this boat though, there’s still a long way to go and much to get though.

Thank you for your support and we will check in with you at around this time tomorrow.