G’Day everyone! Trust life in Fiji is good, we are certainly feeling the air and sea water getting warmer as we track north and as I speak we have 530 nm to the finish line.

So what of today, more of the shake rattle and roll and LOTS of water across the deck. Breeze has been up into mid 20s a lot and still from the NE. We have been keeping a close eye on our friends in the Black boat and at one stage early today they had cracked off a little and increased their lead on us by 10 nm to 25. So we have worked hard today and sailed a little lower with cracked sheets which gave us an extra 3 kts and still in a good direcction, by last tracker sched file i gotabout an hour ago we had regained 10nm on them so they back to 15 in front, your latest tracker displays may show slightly different again by now. Anyway a reasonably good days work for us. Its now looks like solid upwind all way to the finish which our routing software has us finishing late wednesday eve / thurs am. Who knows it will change and to quote my lovely wife Sally,”the only thing predictable about sailing is that it is unpredictable”

Generally all well onboard, a few of us including me, have been nurturing delicate stomachs the motion of these boats can be pretty harsh for those not regularly used to it. So keeping fluids up and getting rest when we can is all good, personally after a bit of an on deck work out helping the real crew heros changing headsails has helped me get back into the groove this evening.

I cant think why anyone would want to do foredeck on a boat like this, they disappear under water continually whilst working up there (all clipped on of course) and its hugely physical for sure. Ants, Geezer, Skins etc all deserve a medal … in fact I should mention everyone as for me being a new comer to sailing on this boat then its a privelage to sail with a bunch of such experienced guys from the bow to the stern.

I think Nikolas and James are getting GoPro footage when the can so hopefully something for you Suellen later as of couse too big and COSTLY to email on a sat link !!!

Food wise we still have plenty as the conditions haven’t allowed us to do so much, The Florette (is that what its called ?) was opened and was delicous and some pointed out a nice drop of Oyster Bay would not have gone amiss but sadly this will have to wait …

The thing that has struck me about sailing these boats then because they are so fast then the motion etc is just so much greater and when we leap off a top of wave (especially at night when helmsman cant see waves coming) then there is al almighty crash and shudder and you just think about the loads punishing the boat. After a while you get used to it and when we bear away few degrees to different wave angle then all is much calmer and nicer and FASTER …

This also helps deal with ones daily “toilet” needs which as you can imagine with 15 guys on a boat, can get quite raw and amuzing in conversation, anyway thats enough said about that eh …..

Well thats about if from me and Giacomo for now as i need to go get the latest weather files and the all important boat positions update file which shows clearly how we tracking against others and all here want this info of course as often as possible

So signing of with all best from us on Giacomo to all friends and family at home in the DRY!