The communications from Mintaka have been awesome! And we can now report that their ETA is late Sunday evening, early Monday morning.


We are making very ogood progress winds eased today (well to 25 with squalls), and sea like the Hauraki Gulf with strong NE, i.e. a huge improvement.

Today at noon we were at 21 40S, 176 04E. Dyas run 161 M. Just 232 M to go. So we anticipate arrival Sunday evening or early Monday morning. We won’t be able to clear customs until Monday so need to stay on the boat, but a flat sleep and a toilet that keeps still will be a bonus! Talking of things having a mind of their own. After emailing last night my laptop took its one opportunity when I wasn’t paying attention to jump over a 30mm fiddle and land on the floor. Fortunately as you can see its still working.