After a night filled with clouds and wind holes Squealer now has a good breeze and is making tracks towards a round of Fiji Bitters.

Our recent Dolye Sails additions to the boat have put to the test.

Our new #4 and Code 0 have been seeing some miles in this race. The crew is happy and rested, working the boat hard towards a good result.

Our issue with a possible stowaway has taken a serious turn. In addition to the continued pilfering from our stores, this morning we discovered nearly half of our single precious bottle of rum has been consumed.

After some discussion and finger pointing between the two watches, it was agreed that a third party must be the problem.

Our gopro survelience cameras have been tampered with and only show pictures of the ANZ Bank Logo. Each watch now has a security officer focused on finding any clues. We will update with any developments.