Remember going to the movies when you were younger, and the naughty kids would throw their half sucked Jaffa’s at the screen, where they would stick, then slowly roll down the screen leaving a red trail?
Well, if I wasn’t brought up so well, I could throw my Chupa Chup at them right now and watch it roll down their Mainsail – they are that bloody close!!

We saw them come out of the gloom of a rain squall this morning, like a predator out of the bush stalking their prey.

Over the past few hours we have slowly closed guage against each other, to the point where missile throwing is a distinct possibility.

We heard them grunting & groaning over the VHF this morning, so called them up and gathered around to sing “Happy Birthday” to Bruce.

We were all supposed to be finished in time to have a drink together, but it looks like we’re going to miss that by about 12 hours, which is a shame.

Well, I guess we can make up for that tomorrow.

Remember when I said that we had a bet for a bottle of rum per hour over the line?
Well at this rate we may have to change that bet to a bottle of rum per minute, it’s so close!!

213 miles to go.