After 3 days of tough hard on the wind sailing, Squealer is happy as now running with our masthead kite, crew in shorts and tee shirts. We spent the better part of the day trying to dry out the boat and ourselves as well.

Getting around the low that formed Monday night saw us down to no main and a number 4 headsail, and for a time being overpowered in gusts up to 50 knots, pitch black darkness and driving rain.

Amazing that 6 hours of topical downwind sailing can make you quickly forget the misery. We are looking forward to the second half of the race and getting to Fiji.

All is good onboard, except that we are concerned we may have a stowaway somewhere on the boat. Some of our main rations of 84 cup of noodles have gone missing along with a few snacks.  While none of the crew have spotted the culprit, we have set up go pro surveillance cameras to track down the offender. Stay tuned for developments on this front.

With 440 miles to go, Squealer has her snout aiming at the finish line.

Vinaka for now….