One of the big jobs in getting your boat ready for a race like ANZ Sail Fiji is to ensure there are plenty of provisions on board for hungry (and sometimes grumpy) crew!

Israel Evers is the “food technician” on board the Cookson 50 Akatea. Israel is a foodie by trade and this means that the crew will be eating like kings in the first class cabin (for the first three days at least!)

Yum yum yum

Yum yum yum

“This is Akatea menu for the ANZ Sail Fiji race.

Confit Duck and Pork Belly on pearl barley risotto steamed beans and broccolini.

Butter Chicken with red rice roasted beets and carrots.

lauthentique sausage with Lima bean cassoulet and roast egg plant and peppers.

Breakfast pack – lauthentique sausage selection, bacon, hash browns, pesto tomato, mushroom and homemade baked beans.

Oh and did I mention cheese cake and trifle for dessert”

Ok!!! Yep that looks better than what most of us would eat!

There is also a very neatly organised array of sweets and treats for when the crew need a sugar injection.

Hide this for the youngsters!

Hide this for the youngsters!

The Squealer team have also ensured they have plenty of the sweet stuff, catering for a fleet of chocolate lovers.

Squealer likes chocolate!

Squealer likes chocolate!

Kate Delegat was the supermarket rations manager for Giacomo and feeding 15 hungry men was always going to result in a large shopping bill!

“40 bags of lollies, 47 packs of instant noodles, 20 cans tuna, 180 tasty muesli bars, 15 large bags mixed nuts, 135 apples, 75 oranges, UV milk, 30 rolls loo paper and hundreds of litres water!” said Kate.

Just some of Giacomo's rations

Just some of Giacomo’s rations

Lawless is also as equally organised, with a standard shopping bag of the essentials per day, broken down into rations per person.

Lawless's food bags

Lawless’s food bags

“We also have some sneaky stashes of treats, but only I know where they are on the boat!” said head crew cater Nathan Bonney.